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Let’s check out what are the challenges of running a tiffin service!

Tiffin service is currently on boom in India specially the big cities where people have long working hours and therefore lesser time for household work. And cooking is something really tiresome after a long, exhausting day at office. And this gap is very positively getting filled up by the tiffin service providers. With the promises to provide healthy and nutritious home cooked food, tiffin service providers have to often face some challenges standing by their words. Let’s check out what are the challenges and what can be their possible solutions.

To always deliver fresh food

Yes. It is the primary promise of the tiffin service providers and yet most of the time a biggest challenge specially if the facility is of small scale. Tiffins go out for different meal times through out the day and delivering piping hot food each time may not fit possible. However, some of the providers have really chalked out a nice plan and they cook food in small batches and numbers of time a day. Obviously that requires much hard work and toil but after all its the hard work that pays. If your customers are happy your hard work soon pays off.

To provide all healthy ingredients

Again it is sounding weird, isn’t it? After all this is why people opt for tiffin services over the shelf foods. But then think that tiffin food gets cooked at one time and then they have to travel, sometimes a long way, in sun and rain to reach its eater. The food should not get rot or stale is the primary concern of the service providers but then there’s a promise to deliver all healthy food, so no use of chemical preservatives. Therefore, the solution is natural preservatives that are not only healthy but also enhance the tastes of the food.

Maintaining hygiene of the kitchen

The food can be cooked with the freshest of the ingredients, but it cannot to be called healthy if not cooked in a hygienic conditions. Therefore maintain the basic hygiene of your kitchen. Use all fresh napkins each day, keep separate knives and cutlery for veg and non veg, keep raw foods away from the cooked one as they can get contaminated, use fresh water and finally get your kitchen pest-controlled every three months to remain pest free and healthy.

Maintaining the overall process flow

A tiffin service has numbers of processes to take care of. From accepting orders to cooking to packing to dispatching and finally raising bills and receiving payments. Well, the processes are not that easy the way I said. Each steps require documentation, information disbursing, and supervising. When your business takes a fly, maintaining all these processes for each customers is not a child’s play. Make use of a good order management application. It will cut down your labor to half and also will maintain all your records for further analysis, audit and taxation. Contact Lucknowi Tiffin for the most effective order management in your business. 

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